As a veteran traveler (been to 30+ countries) I can set you up with any kind of travel arrangements, anyplace in the world. My specialties are history & architecture across much of Asia and Western Europe. My extra-special specialties are:
  • Architecture tour of Turkey (Byzantine and Ottoman Empires)
  • Buddhist sites tour of North and Central India
  • History and culture tours of Japan (multiple options)

I provide:

  • Custom itinerary
  • Custom guide materials
  • All reservations and ticket purchases done for you.

All you have to do is go on the trip!

Countries visited: Austria, Cambodia*, Canada, China (PRC), Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Liechtenstein*, Malaysia*, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tibet, Turkey. 

*Just passed through or set foot. These are the “plus” in “30 plus.” Without these countries it’s exactly 30.