Medical Advocacy

So many horror stories. 

  • Gaslighting…
  • Dismissing your experience…
  • Rejecting your questions…
  • Misdiagnosis…
  • Malpractice…

Or even rejecting you altogether as a patient because

  • You are “too sick” or your case is “too complex.”
  • They don’t understand your bodymind.
  • You are not easy to manipulate and pressure.

And the more ways you’re targeted by oppression, the more this shit happens. 

These experiences can do permanent mental, emotional, and physical harm. 

Let me accompany you.

Due to my own and my family & friends’ experiences, I have extensive experience with doctors, hospitals, the ER, etc. I know how the medical system—particularly the hospital—functions. I know you need a supporter in your corner.

The medical system has specific predictable patterns of incredible violence toward specific oppressed groups—whether Disabled, Queer/Trans, Black/Brown/Indigenous, or all of the above—and that violence must be resisted. It can be hard to do that when you feel unwell. Let me support you. 

I can work at any of three levels, according to our prior agreement:

  1. provide silent moral support for your self-advocacy.
  2. provide loud verbal support for your self-advocacy. This can look like reiterating your real name and pronouns, or reinforcing your words as in, “Katie just said that that medication gives her migraines.”
  3. advocate on your behalf if you need/want that, or are unable to self-advocate for any reason.
I can also go to appointments with your elderly parent or sick neighbor when you have to work.

Emergency Room Trips

If you have to go to the ER, first call the ambulance.

Then call me at 312-888-1316 so I can start to get ready to leave. If I don’t answer, call me repeatedly until I answer.

Then text me from the ambulance to tell me which hospital to go to (in the 5 boros and NY-adjacent NJ).

ER trips are typically $50/hour but sliding scale and barter are available.