Welcome! I’m Virginia, abolitionist healer & guide (more about me). I have a varied background and an abundance of skills. Maybe something I can do is useful to you and your community. I specialize in supporting people who are Queer/Trans, and/or Disabled, and/or, Mad/Neuroqueer/Psych survivors. Of course, I am joyful to support anyone who vibes with me and what I’m offering!  

Healing and justice are central to everything. So, when you see references to systems of oppression, like education or medicine, know that I am bringing a perspective of working for justice and to reduce violence in these systems, on both individual and collective levels.

Everything is sliding scale. Barter is available. (More about pricing)


Everything is offered at a sliding scale and barter is available.

Healer & Guide

Death & Grief Support

  • End-of-life doula (volunteer basis / in training)
  • Grief support

Liberatory Curriculum Coaching

I will train and/or support your practice in developing curriculum that

  • Fights systemic oppression in the classroom
  • Promotes students’ self-liberation
  • Supports students with developing skills / disability diagnoses
    (Note: “Intelligence” as a ranking/ability designation system, is a myth.)

Medical System Advocacy 

Accompaniment & support during

  • doctors’ appointments
  • ER visits
  • hospital stays

I will support self-advocacy, if that’s accessible for you, and advocate with you if you request.


Training and coaching in:

  • data modeling
  • software development project management
  • Agile/Scrum for development managers, project managers, product owners, and developers
  • Basic Java
  • Basic to Advanced Photoshop

Art and Design

  • Website design
  • Logo design
  • Illustration
  • Custom Lettering
  • Data visualization (Graph and chart design and creation)


As a veteran traveler (been to 30+ countries) I can set you up with any kind of travel arrangements, anyplace in the world. My specialties are history & architecture, much of Asia, and Western Europe. My extra-special specialties are:

  • Architecture tour of Turkey (Byzantine and Ottoman Empires)
  • Buddhist sites tour of North and Central India
  • History and culture tours of Japan (multiple options)

I provide:

  • Custom itinerary
  • Custom guide materials
  • All reservations and ticket purchases done for you.

All you have to do is go on the trip!


  • Academic paper developmental edits & copyediting
  • ADHD-friendly organizational strategies and skills training

How much is it?

Everything is sliding scale. Barter is available.

Unfortunately I am coerced by capitalism into monetizing what I’d love to give away.

Please pay my rates if you can afford to.

If you need sliding scale pricing please contact me.

When considering whether to ask for sliding scale prices, please consider not only your income but your:

  • generational wealth (what you inherited or will inherit)
  • assets (such as owning a home)
  • debt burdens (student loans, medical debt, etc.)
  • whether you ever have trouble meeting basic needs
  • whether you have and/or your family has been systemically disenfranchised.*

Base rate: $185 / hour

Daily and weekly rates are available for some services (such as grief support and medical advocacy). This can include a designated number of activities or sessions plus agreed-upon text exchanges.

End-of-life doula work is offered on a volunteer basis while I complete my training.  

Everything is sliding scale. Barter is available.

*(“Systemically disenfranchised” means you and your family have historically, in your society of origin and/or residence, had barriers to your access to healthcare, education, jobs, affordable safe housing, and other life-sustaining resources). 

About Me

I identify as a healer, abolitionist/anarchist, Buddhist/animist, white, queer, trauma survivor / psych survivor, neuroqueer / Mad, and disabled. Not necessarily in that order. Gender is complex & my understanding of mine is evolving….  

My primary commitment is to collective liberation. Personal and community healing and bodymind skill-building are essential for this work. 

I am a survivor of 30+ years of the psychiatric system (which is in general an instrument of oppression—I’ll add more thoughts on that soon—though I also continue to take prescription psych meds, because everything is complex and nuanced, isn’t it!). I have experienced inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and years of mostly unhelpful talk therapy. 

It’s only in the last decade+ that I have been on what I would consider to be my real healing journey, going beyond talk therapy into somatic experiencing therapy, then into multiple types of body-based healing. We can’t heal in our intellect. The harm and healing are in the whole bodymind. 

For me, healing for myself and my clients also has a profound spiritual dimension. I deeply feel my wholeness and wildness, and experience myself as fully of the wildness of the natural world. I also feel how loved, held, and supported I am by the earth, the trees, the whole and healed ancestors, and so many beings, seen and unseen, known and unknown. Let me help you step into the love the world has to offer you.  

I have also studied and practiced being anti-colonial/anti-white supremacy/anti-racist extensively for over 30 years, making it a focus of my life. I fully recognize any need, and support any desire, of anyone of the Global Majority to work with healing practitioners of the Global Majority if that’s your preference. And, if you’re a Person of the Global Majority (aka a Black, Brown, and/or Indigenous person or any other way you’d self-describe), and if you’re on a waiting list, or looking for someone with one of my other specialties, or for any reason, please do feel free to reach out and see if we are a fit. I can’t promise perfection but I promise accountability and responsiveness if/when I cause harm as a white person.

That’s enough about me for here—there’s more relevant information on respective pages, as well as my trainings and various professional background. Hope you will reach out and we can see how we can work together to heal and build toward a new world of collective care and love.